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Juicing For Your Manhood sales page reviewed by Digital Marketing Expert, Rick Kaselj

We specialize in men sexual health. So far, we offer various sexual health benefits for men through juicing. If you have access to a list of men that are 35+ years old, we are the perfect match for you…

You get 75% commission on each and every sale!

Make ton of Money with Juicing For Your Manhood Team We're also one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the Men's health niche, giving you 75% of each sale.

Many health companies only give their affiliates 6 to 25% commissions on their products. It takes a TON of sales to make money this way.

We believe in treating our affiliates like being part of our team.

YOU are a success partner and this is important to us

That's why you get 75% of each sale!

but that is not all...

Make 25 sales in 30 days and receive a lifetime extra 5% commission bump

As soon as you generate just 25 sales in 30 days, email us to get a lifetime extra 5% commission bump to a stunning 80% and our eternal gratitude by entering into the JFYM Elite VIP Affiliates Hall of Fame (in SEO language: a backlink to your website)... Do you feel up to the challenge and reap the honor and all the profits that you deserve for your hard work?

Proven, sky-high conversion rates!

What good is it if you send us quality traffic if our sales process doesn't convert that traffic?

Well, we went out and hired professional copywriters to write copy that's convincing, persuasive, and PROVEN to convert.

Not only that, but we're constantly editing, tweaking, and split-testing different versions of our sales copy… so you'll always be sending people to the best performing version!

Because of the extremely high conversion rates on all of our product pages… you'll make more money than sending traffic to other sites that have lower conversion rates.

Our refund rate is one of the lowest in the health industry!

wad of money

Go ahead and compare our super low refund rate to any other health and fitness site.

Our affiliates hardly have to worry about refunds at all because our products are extremely high quality, valuable, and USEFUL… so our customers don't WANT to give up this information!

Refund rates are also this low because we do an excellent job following up with all our customers to make sure they're satisfied.

You'll get the most complete and comprehensive affiliate resource area!

Best of all, when you sign up for our affiliate program, you get instant access to our JFYM VIP Affiliate resource section… which gives you multiple products you can promote and all the resources, marketing tools, and information you need to be successful.

AND you'll also get personal, one-on-one support if you need it.

So that's exactly why I stocked my affiliate resource section with EVERYTHING you need. I truly feel it's the best health affiliate center in the world!

You'll be notified when we run special events for affiliates

At JFYM, we organize at least 4 affiliate contests per year. During those contests, cash prizes are offered to the best affiliates and something special is implemented to boost conversion!

Affiliates subscribed will receive notifications about these contests and links on the details and swipes for the contests. For 2019, here are the JFYM contest dates:

ATTENTION: Cash prizes + conversion boosters + commission bump

Remaining time to the JFYM October affiliate contest:

  1. January 17th - January 31th
  2. Spring Contest - April 27th - May 10th
  3. Summer Contest - July 28th - August 9th
  4. Fall Contest - October 15th-November 1st

All the details on how to participate to the contest are in JFYM VIP Affiliate resource section

To Recap, Here's Why JFYM Is The Most Rewarding and Profitable Affiliate Program For You…

Here's How You Get Paid…

We've teamed up with, the leader in online secure credit card processing for digital information products.

Clickbank takes all our credit card orders, track all affiliate sales, and sends out your commission checks.

We handle EVERYTHING for you… all you do is send us traffic through your specially-coded affiliate link that's on your site, in your blog, or in your newsletter.

As soon as someone purchases a JFYM product through your link, you get paid a commission and the funds show in real time in your Clickbank account. You can log into your account any time to check how much money you've made.

Get the car then the girl

Clickbank has been online for a long, long time and they're one of the best in the biz. So without a doubt, you'll always get a check or direct deposit of your earnings on time every week.

Here is a showcase of our products available for affiliate promotions

They all convert very well and offer a fantastic EPC as they all have 3 upsells each.

Legendary Enlargement

This is a new Penis Enlargement offer. It really innovate from everything that is already out there. This isn't just another jelqing guide. The author of Legendary Enlargement created his new method after having read that doctors observed a painless megalophallus (A super big penis) after priapism episodes. While suffering from priapism is not a good thing, having a big penis can be fun. So he developped a PE method that emulates priapism effects safely without the negative effects.

This is possibly the best converting and profitable offer that we have created so far. Alex Allman got a $2.50 EPC with a stunning 2.26% conversion!

Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 Natural ED Eradicating Juice Recipes


This is our flagship product for ED. It has a VSL.

This offer has been promoted by Tyler Bramlett, the Garage Warrior and he got a nice $1.09 EPC with a 2.5% conversion. This promotion went around early December 2016 and the funnel has improved a lot since then…

All the details about improvements of this offer can be found inside the JFYM VIP Affiliate resource section that you can join for free! (Scroll to the bottom of this page to find out…)

Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 delicious juicing recipes to increase your testosterone levels

Gotham Dating club newsletter promoting JFYM

This is our product to increase naturally testosterone level. It has a text sales page. It is offered in PDF files for $24.

Its marketing is optimised for the Dating for men and the sex training niches. It has been promoted by Gotham Dating Club and they got $1.27 EPC with a 2.93% conversion.


Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes

Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice Recipes

This is our product to increase naturally semen volume. It has a text sales page. It is offered in PDF files for $34


It is the marketing genius, Jason Capital, who coined the name Paint Her Face Formula for this product.

Iron Man Stamina

This is a follow up program to JFYM ED. Once you got rid of your ED problem. The next logical step is to improve the quality and the duration of your erection.

This is possibly the best converting and profitable offer that we have created so far. Susan and Tim Bratton got a $1.89 EPC with a stunning 5.49% conversion!

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The best part about this entire process is that we've already learned the most effective ways to promote our products so you maximize your sales potential and profits.

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We made sure to pack the resource center with useful techniques and knowledge to help you get the best results from promoting our products. Ebook covers, banners, articles, reviews, sales letters, and so many other marketing tools you can use on your site, blog, or newsletter.

As you can see… if you're a serious marketer and think you have what it takes, the JFYM Affiliate Program is a great way for you to make a great income while helping others get in shape and enjoy life again.

That's all there is too it! Now you can write your own pay check by promoting our high-converting and popular JFYM products!

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Olivier Langlois

Creator of Juicing For Your Manhood

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Erotic Juice Messiah

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