Testosterone Therapy

The importance of testosterone

No amount of success or wealth can compensate a man’s youth and vitality. While money and material success might be lucrative accomplishments, the true secret to men's continued glory and virility is his libido and sexual health. Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, is the key stimulant that aids your libido to stay up where it belongs. Testosterone plays an important part in a man’s life. From the development of the testis and prostate to maintaining a robust sex life, testosterone acts like a miracle drug.

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Testosterone: A Case of Concern

But a growing concern over the last few decades is the steady and accelerated dwindling of testosterone levels in men over the age of 35. From 1986 to 2006, the average level of testosterone has fallen about a staggering 25%. This sudden fall in the testosterone can be attributed to factors like a hectic work schedule, erratic sleeping habits and insurmountable stress with junk food filled diet.

Low Testosterone leads various problems that plague the male's life and brings his vitality down. A low sex drive is often accompanied by difficult to maintain erections, genital numbness and shrinkage and low semen volume. Loss of muscle mass, fattening up, development of Gynecomastia is common along with severe fatigue, lack of energy and depression reaching up to even suicidal tendencies.

Testosterone Therapy: A misguided hope

Many shrewd pharmaceutical marketers have taken advantages of this situation and over the years and prodded help seeking men towards expensive and risky Testosterone Therapies. The aggressive direct-to-consumer marketing strategies urge men showing possible signs of testosterone deficiency into opting for harmful alternatives such as Testosterone Gels, Injection based Testosterone Therapy, Transdermal skin patches, Mouth Patch and Testosterone Implants which require resource consuming surgeries.

Let's take a detailed look at these methods of testosterone therapy and their negative aspects
testosterone pills

Testosterone Pills: A simple oral testosterone pill was the primary mode of testosterone therapy in the early years. But many experts believed that directly taking testosterone pills lead to liver damages. Testosterone pills may induce igf-1 (insulin-like growth factor) or might be based in oily or alcoholic carriers. A large ingestion of any of these compounds might lead to an accumulation of bad cholesterol or to serious fatty liver syndromes.

testosterone gel

Testosterone Gels: Clear testosterone gels are also a popular method of testosterone therapy where the user is supposed to rub this gel on to his skin directly (broken skin or skin liaisons must be avoided as this can lead to inflammation and irritation and heavy exposure). This gel is absorbed through the skin and the testosterone is introduced into the bloodstream. But over the years users have reported side effects like enlarged prostate, abysmal cholesterol and glucose level, high blood pressure and a surge in PSA (prostate specific antigen) density.

testosterone patch

Testosterone Mouth Patch: Another questionable form of testosterone therapy is using mouth patches where the user is instructed to put a testosterone gum/tablet/patch in his mouth. This patch seeps testosterone into the blood flow through the oral tissues. But these may cause gum or mouth irritation at the earliest. Long term effects may result into a constant feeling pain and tenderness inside the mouth. The sense of taste might also be disrupted.

testosterone injection

Testosterone Injections: Doses of testosterone is injected into your muscles directly in a recurring cycle of 2-4 weeks. But patients must be extremely careful while subjecting themselves to this kind of testosterone therapy. Such an extreme method can do more harm than good and can often lead to irreversible and dangerous conditions like infertility, Gynecomastia, liver diseases, stroke affinity and bone growth issues.

testosterone implant

Testosterone Implants: Testosterone pellets are the latest fad that is being misrepresented as a relatively harmless way of administering a daily dose of the T hormone. But keep in mind that these pellets are inserted in your body after making an incision. These foreign objects are placed in those incisions under the skin and they slowly release testosterone over time. The primary concern should be of infections and irritation, upon which you require another session under the knife to get these out. Furthermore, conditions such as involuntary erections, nausea, baldness, excess body hair growth, changes in skin colour and inflammation are very common side effects of such testosterone therapy.

Testosterone Therapy: A Serious Threat

As we see some of the more specific cases of testosterone therapy and their side effects, it is important to take note of the more severe and prevalent side effects linked to artificial testosterone replacement in general.

  • Testosterone Dependency: Administration of testosterone from outside sources diminishes the body's natural tendency of producing and circulating a standard healthy dose of testosterone internally. Instead the physiology becomes dependant on the outside dosages. This induced addiction robs the body's ability to generate testosterone when the testosterone therapy is discontinued. Men might show severe mood swings in absence of natural testosterone be virtually crippled, putting entire dependency on expensive and potentially dangerous procedures.
  • Prostate Cancer: Testosterone is closely linked to all things sexual and genital in the man's body. It is no surprise that botched up testosterone therapy might induce or aggravate latent prostate cancer. Medical practitioners are wary regarding suggesting testosterone therapy to patients having prior history of prostate cancer. Induced testosterone and androgen increases the probability of prostate specific antigens. The duration of the exposure of prostate to greater androgen density is also believed as a catalyst to such cancers.
  • Breathing Problems while Sleeping: Sleep Apnea is a threatening breathing condition where a man's breathing tendencies and cycle may get repeatedly disturbed during his sleep. This pause in breathing can last for a few harmless moments to potentially fatal minutes. Affecting more than 18 million Americans, sleep apnea can also eventually lead to high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and diabetes. Testosterone therapy can deeply worsen any existing case of sleep apnea. In some cases it is also believed to induce such sleeping disorders in the first place.
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  • Blood Clots: Severe and potentially fatal cases of blood clotting like Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and polycythemic clotting are all found to be related with artificial methods of testosterone therapy. Researchers have seen almost a devastating 63% rise in the risk of blood clots forming inside veins. Testosterone therapy also sometimes plays a part in a sudden growth in the number of red blood cells in blood, which is also detrimental to the blood circulation.
  • Heart Attacks and Failures: A significant rise in the number of strokes, heart diseases, attacks and congestive heart failures has co-existed in patients undergoing questionable testosterone therapy.
  • Acne breakouts, shrivelled testicles, excess fat retention and development of male breasts: are also linked with testosterone therapy as a large amount of excess testosterone is introduced in to the body synthetically.

Safer Alternatives: Regaining Youth

As chemical compounds and expensive medical treatments are not at all conductive for overall well-being and side effects free treatments, men must look for simpler and wholesome natural respites which are which are safer, organic and long-term than testosterone therapy.

The Power of Juicing

The juicing methodology consists of identifying fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients and active ingredients and creating tasty health drinks out of them. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and active ingredients stimulate and vitalise essential parts of the sexual system, thereby inducing the natural and balanced production of testosterone. Many fruits and vegetables contain nitric oxide, antioxidants and folic acids, all of which help in natural testosterone production (whereas testosterone therapy blocks it).

Some of the natural produce that helps men is beetroot, ginger, pomegranate, watermelon an celery. An influx of potassium and zinc found in these natural remedies also aid in testosterone production.

Juicing helps in increased testosterone levels and uplifts men’s sexual health. It helps in enhancing libido, reduces fat, increases muscle density and improves sleeping functions. The water content and active natural ingredients increases semen content volume which in turn leads to increased sperm mobility by helping them “swim” better, improved erections, more pleasurable orgasms and also a higher degree of success rate when it comes to fertility.

Juicing also enhances a greater blood flow around the genital region. Blood vessels are dilated and cleansed through juicing. This ultimately results in a stronger firmer erection that lasts longer and counters the ill effects of erectile dysfunction.

Detoxification and Natural Nutrition

Another proven and harmless way to enhance your T levels without resorting to harmful testosterone therapy is to opt for natural nutrition and detoxifying your body of foreign elements.

This approach tries to cut out factors that might block toxins and harmful chemical compounds (such as Low Density Lipoprotein, Acrylamide, Excitotoxins, Xenoestrogens and Bisphenol and Parabens to name a few) that stunt the natural production of testosterone. Changing our eating habits and blocking processed food, sugary and salty snacks, plastic packaged drinks helps to detoxify our body.

Natural foods such as Almonds, fresh water Salmon, Avocado and White Tea are rich the right kinds of vitamin (Vitamin E helps with testosterone production greatly), folic acids, antioxidants and amino acids, all of which improves the quality of male sexual health.

Lifestyle Changes

Putting a cap on drinking and smoking aids in testosterone build up

Abstaining from Saunas or not staying in the same sitting positions for a long time or wearing less tight and airy under garments maintains the temperature balance in the genital region and scrotum and aids testosterone to produce more and better sperm.

Shedding excess weight can also lead to better utilisation of naturally produced testosterone.

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It is easy to believe that testosterone therapy is beneficial but one should always keep in mind the sort of price that one has to pay for it with their health. We should stop opting for the seemingly easy way out, as ultimately they invoke a greater degree of danger, often of long term and potentially dangerous consequences. Natural remedies and simple life style changes are a much safer and reliable choice when it comes to upholding the virile man’s standard of life.

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