Benefits of Juicing Recipes for Sexual Male Health

The modern lifestyle: A Threat to Sexual Health

Sexual health and performance is intricately connected with overall wellness in men.

It is a delicate facet that is of utmost importance, but in today’s age our own lifestyle and habits have come up as a hindrance against it. Stressful work life, long travel hours, smoking and drinking tendencies, juggling responsibilities and a barrage of mounting stress coupled with unhealthy dietary habits are knocking today’s men out at their prime. Sexual health is one of the prime affected areas. Studies have shown that over the last decade every 1 in 4 cases affecting men under the age of 40 were reported to having some variation of erectile dysfunction including abysmally poor semen volume.

Dangerous Choices: The Wrong Treatment

Men concerned with sexual health and their performance in bed have for a long time looking for safe and guaranteed ways to treat their conditions. Treatments such as hormone replacement therapy, vascular reconstructive surgery, and highly concentrated chemical medicines like Levitra, Staxyn or Viagra, or Alprostadil injections are some of the high risk options men are being forced to choose from in order to retain their vitality.

However, there are many serious risks associated with such treatments such as:

  • Unusual penile discharge
  • Recurring pain in groin/testicles/urethra
  • Prolonged erections
  • Loss of penile sensations
  • Headache/Dizziness/ Disorientation

Natural Juices and Juicing Recipes: The Winning Way

When it comes to safe and healthy alternatives for treating male sexual health issues, nothing can be as safe as organic juices and tapping into all the nutrients they offer to enhance male fertility and increase testosterone. Instead of subjecting our bodies to undesired chemical compounds and toxins it is time we open up to harness the power of many organic compounds which are found naturally in various fruits and vegetables and are proven to boost sexual performance and health.

  • Juicing recipes essentially works by sort of pre digesting the food before intake. Most middle aged men males suffer from impaired digestion, i.e. not all the nutritional compounds can be ingrained into the blood flow through digestion. Juicing makes sure that only the essence is retained with the important nutrients present. Juice intake thus goes easy on the stomach and all the nutrients and antioxidants that help to increase testosterone & libido can be absorbed in a better and faster way.
  • To obtain our daily required dose of nutrients, we require a large amount of vegetables in our diet, eating all of that becomes a boring and cumbersome job. Instead adding all the vegetables in your juicing recipe is a super efficient way to absorb all the goodness in an optimal and time saving manner.
  • Through optimised juicing recipes you can add on a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet. A varied and diverse diet means that you are in taking all the amino acids, antioxidants, minerals that are essential for increased testosterone and heightened semen volume. Thus proper juicing means you are rapidly increasing your fertile strengths too.
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Natural Nutrition: A Safe Passage to Better Sexual Health

Let’s take a look at some fruits and vegetables that you can include in your daily juicing recipes and counter the ill effects of erectile dysfunction by increasing testosterone levels, enhancing fertility and increasing the semen volume.

Beetroot: A super food that should be included in any juicing recipe is known to elevate blood flows and nitric oxide levels and increase testosterone. A deficiency in nitric oxide leads to weaker erections and below par performance. Increased blood flow is also crucial in maintaining a healthy and lasting erection. Increased muscle oxygenation from beetroot intake also ensures a rise in tolerance levels in males aged 35+ an above. Apart from sexual healing beetroot juice also aids in maintaining blood pressure and fighting against various inflammations.
Bananas: While pills and quack remedies to ED might work as a short term fix, opting for healthy natural ingredients rich in nutrients offer long term and side effects free solutions. Our fried food and overly salty snacks introduce a lot of sodium in the body. This unwanted sodium retains a significant amount of water which affects the blood flow in a negative way resulting in a lowered libido. To combat this, add bananas to your juicing recipes. The rich potassium content in bananas reduces the sodium concentration and effectively increases the libido and enhances fertility.
Ginger: Thickening of the blood vessels lead to a lowered amount of blood flow. Erections are sustained by the amount blood that flows through the penile muscles and tissues. A constriction in the blood vessels is thus a guaranteed menace towards active sexual performance. To counter this, enhance your juicing recipes by adding a little bit of ginger in your mix. Ginger cleanses the blood vessels and facilitates a stronger flow, healing erectile dysfunction. Ginger also raises testosterone levels in some men while also boosting the overall immunity.
Watermelon: When you are juicing to increase testosterone, remember that Watermelons act as a natural Viagra. Watermelons are rich in an amino acid called citruline which helps to dilate the blood vessels. Viagra also essentially does the same thing but comes with the threat of side effects and accumulates harmful chemical toxins in your body. Thus watermelons are a natural alternative to sexual enhancement drugs and a safer, better and healthier alternative.
Pomegranate: Pomegranate is a known natural enforcer of increased sexual stamina. It essentially means that if you add a little bit of pomegranate to your juicing recipes, it can result in a stronger and longer sexual performance in your bed. This becomes possible due to the presence of antioxidants like anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and tannins. These organic constituents also fight the advent of high blood pressure, haemorrhages, bad cholesterol and heart diseases.
Goji Berries: Goji berries are a secret superfood which has long been popular in Asian cultures but has not yet received it’s due here. In many Asian countries, tonic made out of Goji Berries are fed to the man before they engage in sexual conquests. This is because that this wonderful fruit increases testosterone level in males which leads to a stronger sex drive and better arousal, countering Erectile Dysfunction.
Noni: The active ingredients in noni (also known as cheese fruit) juice mimics serotonin. Known as a happy drug, serotonin is a neurotransmitter which fights depression and anxiety, and induces a feeling of happiness and fulfilment. A well balanced and positive mental state is necessary for sexual fulfilment as factors like stress and anxiety can mar sexual urges. The antioxidants in noni help to increase the levels of xeronine in the male body and also enhance the immune system. Add this to your juicing recipes to attune your psyche to your sexual wellness.
Celery: Celery is used as a natural aphrodisiac and is a regular part of the daily diet of many indigenous cultures that use it to enhance fertility. Juicing celery and drinking it would improve the blood flow to your genital area. Ingredients like Vitamin E, magnesium, niacin, and most importantly zinc is found in abundance in celery, all of which are beneficial to libido and sexual performance. It also contains the hormone arginine which dilates the blood vessel and helps in blood circulation. Celery also contains Androsterone and Adrostenol, which if taken helps secrete a typical male pheromone which attracts the members of the opposite sex.
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What happens when you try out Juicing Recipes?

When you indulge in healthier habits the body rewards you. Subscribing to a well balanced juicing recipe everyday can lead to the following changes:

Increased Testosterone: The active ingredients in juices can raise the amount of testosterone the body produces. Juicing to increase testosterone thus leads to a variety of benefits such as:
  • Improvement of mental health, enhanced memory and concentration
  • Enhanced mental well being and lessening of depression/anxiety
  • Lowering of bad cholesterol
  • Enhanced Libido and sexual urges
  • Energised positive outlook at life with a competitive edge
  • Increase in bone density and muscle mass and decrease in fat retention
  • Improved sleeping functions
Increased Semen Volume: Juicing recipes can improve the quality and quantity of your semen content. Juice made out of ingredients rich in zinc and folic acid can stimulate your body to produce more and better semen and greater semen volume. The benefits of increased semen volume can be listed as:
  • Increased sperm mobility and motility
  • Increased fertility in men
  • Higher survival rates for sperm
  • Intensified and more pleasurable orgasms
  • Improved erection quality
  • Heightened psycho-sexual well being
Heal Erectile Dysfunction: We can see that juicing recipes contain a balanced mixture of body positive amino acids, active ingredients, nutrients and vitamins which all come together to benefit the male sexual health.
  • Erectile dysfunctions are one of the most common ailments that are plaguing the middle aged male population and it is growing day by day.
  • Juicing aids in greater blood flow and circulation in the genital area, making sure the erections are firmer and stronger.
  • ED is also countered by the fact as juicing helps in stabilising the active ingredients in the body; it leads to better physiological and psycho-sexual well being.
  • Increased testosterone level and better semen quality also counters effects of ED.
Detoxification: A lot of male sexual problems are caused by the body harbouring rogue elements like toxins and chemical compounds which destabilises the hormone balance in our physiology & becomes a hindrance to enhancing male fertility. A proper juicing recipe can put a check on all those toxins, improve renal and excretory functions, rid our bodies of those harmful elements & heal erectile dysfunction. Juices help bring about a hormonal balance in us too which results in improved sexual functions.


Thus we observe that juicing recipes an optimum and efficient solution to several sexual ailments that men are suffering from. The uncountable benefits of juicing to increase testosterone can bring about can radically take your sexual life to greater heights. Indulge in this healthy option to obtain natural respite and usher in a new age of wholesome well-being.

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