Fitness Accelerator Program Review

The path to professional and social success not just depends on innovation and hard work. A major percentage of it is typically influenced by your confidence, attitude, smartness, fitness and looks.

Flaunting an innately cool and attractive personality, significantly decides your overall acceptance amongst the professional, personal and social frontiers. So shedding those extra kilos, getting fit and regaining the lost spark of energy is absolutely important to remotely fulfil your long cherished dream of turning into an office stud, a social magnet or the cool dude everyone envies.

The Curse of Sedentary Lifestyle and Processed Food

A whopping percentage of the global population is reeling under a crisis that has worried most experts all around the world. Sedentary lifestyle, long hour desk jobs, late-night shifts, back to back meetings and over dependency on processed food has made us all very unhealthy, tired, stressed and obese. This has left us insomniac, anxious, depressed and with a very low sex drive. The decreased testosterone among men leads to cases of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Needless to mention, the other dire effects of sedentary lifestyle and consumption of processed food are literally unlimited.

Big fat unhealthy man
  • The high sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) content adds “empty” calories to your body, leads to insulin resistance, high triglycerides, increases bad cholesterol and makes you prone to diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Processed food with loads of added preservative, artificial flavours and high sodium are "hyper rewarding" leading to overconsumption.
  • High in refined carbohydrates, processed food spikes up blood sugar level temporarily. The carb craving a few hours later compels you to eat again and again and again.
  • Finally, our sedentary lifestyle with very little physical exercise and total disregard for healthy diet, leads to severe obesity that put you out of shape and makes you very unwell.

Bottom line: We are getting fat, unfit, unhealthy, losing our libido and aren’t really able to pleasure our partners well. We are simply leading very uninteresting ordinary lives.

There’s always a Hope

How a human mind perceives and judges a particular task significantly determines how comfortable we are in executing it. Haven’t we all experienced a certain “Inner Voice” that rattles our consciousness and directs it, though our mind might not be totally aware of these sensations? These strange inner voices are called “Subliminal” and constitute a very strong force that could mould our beliefs and confidence. So over and above your personal zeal to eat healthy or stay fit, medically designed subliminal audios could induce a sense of extra determination to surpass your own self when it comes to staying fit, being in shape and look simply irresistible.

Subliminal – How does it Work?

Subliminal could be described as externally induced scientific audio stimuli that reprogram the human mind to install certain beliefs of eating healthy, loving exercise, drinking plenty of water and sleeping well. Subliminal would impact our subconscious mind with persuasive affirmations so as to train our body to work more proactively towards achieving our long suppressed dream of being the fit and chiselled alpha man, high on libido and virility. The instructions are very simple:

  • Put headphones, close your eyes and relax
  • Visualize the result that you desire
  • Focus on the picture in your mind rather than the sounds
  • Journal daily and watch for evidence of success

The audio tracks contain both male and female voices, scientifically researched to address the Ying and Yang elements each of us possess. The affirmations are narrated in the first person from “I” and with the “You” style. The “I” form is similar to a self-assurance wherein your inner-self works towards boosting your overall confidence. The “You” form is a simulation of an authoritative figure, such as parents affirming us of our true potentials.

Well, after many years of scientific research and several case studies including numerous VIP clients, it is evident that the more intelligent you are, the more fascinating the results are.

Now that you are aware of the endless benefits of being fit, healthy and focused, the next very important step is to tune the mind and body to take up the challenge. The Fitness Accelerator program comprises of a magical mixture of 256 voices that create a powerful hypnosis session, strong enough to reprogram your subconscious mind to overcome any challenges, obstacles and road-blocks. And you won’t need a continued will power to achieve those. Just create a picture of what your objectives are, punch in some emotions, put on the headphone and that all it takes.

The Fitness Accelerator session casts its magical spell with scientifically devised sounds that lower your brainwaves to the theta level, which is the fine border between consciousness and sub-consciousness.

Here is a playlist of free subliminal audio tracks so you can experiment them to see if it is for you.

If you have liked these, be aware the you have barely scratched the surface of the tip of the iceberg.

MindPersuasion is a company founded by the certified hypnotherapist and world acclaimed author, George Hutton to improve people's life by using the power of their own mind.

And MindPersuasion has released the most comprehensive program to change your life and definitely transform yourself into the ultimate fit person that have healthy weight, the physical performance and the energy that everyone admires…

and it will do that for you effortlessly while you sleep!!!

It is called Fitness Accelerator

Fitness Accelerator program

While the free tracks will change some of your behavior, Manifest Women is a complete system to fully alter everything that is required to be changed so you get exactly the promised results.

It is divided into 2 parts.

1. Up to 24 hours of subliminal affirmations audio

The covered themes are:

Each theme comes in in 3 different variants:

4 Voices Gamma

This set of audio track is for communicating with the higher mind. Gamma is the brain waves frequency that brain goes in while it focus. These affirmations are understandable since the track contains only 4 simultaneous voices. These tracks are meant to be listened while been awake.

Increased Strength

4 Voices Theta

This set of audio track is for programming at the interface between the conscious and the subconscious mind interface. The voices are exactly the same as in the previous set of audio tracks but the difference is that this set has theta brainwaves inducing sounds. When the brain is in this state, you are very relaxed and very close to be sleeping. The affirmations will be planted deeper into your mind and will act as distinct old memories. These tracks are meant to be listened when you have 10 to 20 minutes free in front of you. You sit comfortably or lay down on a bed, close your eyes and visualise some scenario related to the topic of the listened track.

Healthy Food

256 Voices Theta

The set of files is where the magic happens. There are 256 simultaneous voices. The end result is totally unaudible for the conscious mind as it is overloaded by the amount of information. The subconscious mind which is used to absorb a phenomenal huge amount of information. These tracks, you listen to them as you go to bed. Since, I'm not able to sleep with headphones, at some point I remove them and put the track on speakers and keep the tracks looping while I sleep. Headphones are required in order to the theta brainwaves inducing sounds to work but since when you sleep, the brain is already in that state, you don't need that.

unstoppable workout motivation

2. A manual explaining the concepts for acquiring a conscious understanding of the fundamental fitness principles

The Fitness Accelerator bundle comes with a “How To” guide that explains the pre-requisites and describes everything that you need to know about fitness, nutrition and healthy habits. This will give you a conscious knowledge of what should be done.

With the help of the unconscious mind programming and the new conscious knowledge, making good healthy decisions will be automatic and very enjoyable!

Healthy Sleep

The Obvious Question – Does It Work?

Here’s a snippet from a recent customer testimonial, which should prove a point:

Yes. Yes and yes, the Fitness Accelerator works like magic. I am one of those relatively young white collar workers, working almost 18 Hrs. a day. Back to back meetings, early morning and late night conference calls, a highly-demanding desk job and frequent travels across time zones. In recent times, I had a lot of sleep problems, felt absolutely drained every morning, felt awkwardly anxious and stressed. I had a fight with my girlfriend for many years. The romance was fast decaying and I was having a real problem striking a balance between overloading professional and personal commitments. Situations turned worse over the last few weeks and I almost decided to quit my job. That’s when an old friend told me about the Fitness Accelerator.

At first it feels weird. Since I couldn’t sleep, my subconscious mind was rather super sensitive and hyper-alert. The voices and affirmations was somewhat getting lost within the chaos my brain was already in. All it took was seven days before I could notice a difference. I felt a strange repulsion towards the “quick prepared meals” and decided to cook myself. The chaotic noises in my brain were gradually disappearing and I was finally sleeping well. The next week, I started workout sessions and felt so much more confident, relaxed and motivated. I once again “loved myself”. The Fitness Accelerator literally helped me fall in love with myself…once again. Each of the sessions, especially the “Healthy Food” and “Healthy Sleep” were magical for me.

Time to Put a Positive Direction to your Life

With Fitness Accelerator, you could infuse the missing positivity into your life and prepare yourself for newer challenges, tougher goals and a purposeful existence. Our dreams of being the much envied alpha male, redefining new levels in fitness, diet, energy, confidence and attitude, is just a stone throw away. Pamper yourself with the Fitness Accelerator and rediscover your true potential to mesmerize the ladies bandwagon. Turn into a social magnet and enjoy the attention all around. Heighten your sexual desires, get the hardest erection, and pleasure your lady through the night; let them crave for more of it.

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