Manifest Women Program Review

What is subliminal affirmations?

Everyone has the experience of the inner dialogue. Sometimes it motivate us to surpass ourselves but some other times, there is a little voice discouraging us to do things such as going outside of our comfort zone.

It has been found empirically that it was possible to control this inner dialogue by bombarding the subconscious mind with positive affirmations. It fills in the blank and has the power to change your self-image and mold your beliefs.

Here is what Elliot Hulse, former YouTube mega influencer, professional strongman, and coach to millions, has to say about affirmations:

Back when I first went into business for myself, and things were NOT going well, a friend taught me a powerful technique that caused me to “reprogram” my habitual thought and behavior patterns. He called the method “visualization and affirmation”.

After only 21 days (3 weeks) of visualizing and affirming what kind of business and life I wanted to create, my life began changing dramatically. I began noticing things, that I otherwise would not have seen, that could support me in my vision. I began thinking differently, and as a result my life took a hard turn in the direction of my new dominant thoughts.

Elliott Hulse and Olivier Langlois

In my humble opinion, this is as close to The Matrix movie reality bending power that you can get in real life. Imagine listening to some subliminal audio while you sleep and the next morning, your day becomes pretty much like if you were some kind of sex symbol walking in town. Be ready for the royal treatment.

Reality Bending power

How does that work?

The instructions are very simple:

  1. Put headphones, close your eyes and relax
  2. Visualize the result that you desire
  3. Focus on the picture in your mind rather than the sounds
  4. Journal daily and watch for evidence of success

Here is what me and my hundreds of VIP clients have noticed: The more intelligent you are, the more suggestible you are going to be and the more stunning the result will blow you away!

If you secretly wish a big transformation in your life, this is possibly the closest to the elusive magic pill that you can get. Grab it while you can!

Here is a playlist of free subliminal audio tracks so you can experiment them to see if it is for you.

Before jumping into them, here are some interesting facts about them. There are female and male voices. This is to address the Ying and Yang part that all of us possess. Also, the affirmations are said in the first person form 'I' and with the 'You' form. The first form is as if you were saying the affirmations while the 'You form is if it was coming from an authority figure like a parent. Since so many angles are covered, it makes it very easy for the subconscious mind to absorb the affirmations.

If you have liked these, be aware the you have barely scratch the surface of the tip of the iceberg.

MindPersuasion is a company founded by the certified hypnotherapist and world acclaimed author, George Hutton to improve people's life by using the power of their own mind.

And MindPersuasion has released the most comprehensive program to change your life and definitely transform yourself into the ultimate seducer that high quality women cannot resist...

and it will do that for you effortlessly while you sleep!!!

It is called Manifest Women

Manifest women program

While the free tracks will change some of your behavior, Manifest Women is a complete system to fully alter everything that is required to be changed so you get exactly the promised results.

It is divided into 2 parts.

1. Up to 24 hours of subliminal affirmations audio

The covered themes are:

Each theme comes in in 3 different variants:

4 Voices Gamma

This set of audio track is for communicating with the higher mind. Gamma is the brain waves frequency that brain goes in while it focus. These affirmations are understandable since the track contains only 4 simultaneous voices. These tracks are meant to be listened while been awake.

Bedroom god

4 Voices Theta

This set of audio track is for programming at the interface between the conscious and the subconscious mind interface. The voices are exactly the same as in the previous set of audio tracks but the difference is that this set has theta brainwaves inducing sounds. When the brain is in this state, you are very relaxed and very close to be sleeping. The affirmations will be planted deeper into your mind and will act as distinct old memories. These tracks are meant to be listened when you have 10 to 20 minutes free in front of you. You sit comfortably or lay down on a bed, close your eyes and visualise some scenario related to the topic of the listened track.

High Quality Women

256 Voices Theta

The set of files is where the magic happens. There are 256 simultaneous voices. The end result is totally unaudible for the conscious mind as it is overloaded by the amount of information. The subconscious mind which is used to absorb a phenomenal huge amount of information. These tracks, you listen to them as you go to bed. Since, I'm not able to sleep with headphones, at some point I remove them and put the track on speakers and keep the tracks looping while I sleep. Headphones are required in order to the theta brainwaves inducing sounds to work but since when you sleep, the brain is already in that state, you don't need that.

Remote seduction

2. A manual explaining the concepts for acquiring a conscious understanding of the fundamental seduction principles

From experience, I can totally attest that everything said in it is fully acurate. The only thing missing is a biography. The only seen reference is Psycho-Cybernetics from Maxwell Maltz. That alone signals the seriousness of the transformational potential of this product...

but I wish that I knew which books George read to build his system but that is the only complain that I can have about the ebook.

It is divided into 2 major sections.

The first one goes through the unconcious female triggers that sparks sexual attraction in women.

The second part, explore a less commun topic but intuitively, you know that it is true. Manifestation is not magic. It is just that in the modern life, we are literally bombarded by information. Some studies says that the ratio of what is discarded versus what is processed is 25,000 to 1. That means that for 1 bit of data that reach our conscious mind, we have discarded 25,000 bit of info that was categorized as unimportant.

Have you ever decided that you were about to buy a new pair of shoes and you started to see shoes everywhere? It is not because shoes weren't everywhere. They have always been there. It is because you somehow made the shoes important that you started to see them!

Imagine what it would feel like to start seeing high quality women everywhere? Do you think that it would make life funner? I guess so...

Does it work?

Harvey Specter Charisma secret

This has been a huge success as I already experience changes in my behavior. The feeling I have about the experience is a little bit weird. It is as if sometimes when I was interacting with women, I was letting the new me take control and I was observing what I am doing from a spectator point of view.

I get much better feedback from women so I'm totally satisfied but it is a strange feeling to act differently, not feeling the current behavior as familiar.

Manifest Women is possibly the best self-help program for men to help them becoming more attractive that you can find anywhere.

My biggest takeaway was Frame Control. My frame control was ok but not the strongest in the world neither. I never realised how important this skill was in seduction. The program did give me a nice boost in that department.

And when I watch the show SUITS after having read Frame Control, I am now able to see with a different light Harvey Specter's powerful charm which consist to always control the frame with extreme ease...something that you will also be able to do after going through the Manifest Women program!!!

Also, the manifestation module really works. You really start noticing high quality women everywhere. This is ridiculous how beauty is everywhere when you start seeing it! This is great as you can now focus on your mission while having the recomforting thought that you will always meet interesting people as you do your thing.

If you want to know more about Manifest Women, just click the image below...

Manifest women
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